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Keynote, Leadership, Customer Service, and Branding Speaker

With over 30 years in the corporate world and over 20 years of business ownership, Scott Deming teaches and speaks from true knowledge and experience. Discover how he can help your business achieve sustainable success. Download Scott’s Full Bio

Business Acumen

Scott Deming speaks for and trains companies across the globe—big and small, in just about every industry. From CEOs, business owners, and managers to salespeople and customer service reps, Scott Deming’s programs have transformed individuals and organizations alike, showing them the real process for customer evangelism and lasting customer loyalty. As Scott Deming says, “There is no correlation between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. A satisfied customer will stay with you until the next best deal comes along.” Move your customers from satisfied to loyal with a process that works.


The right opening or closing keynote presenter will be the highlight of any meeting. Let one of Scott Deming’s world-renowned keynotes be the talk of your next conference or convention! Topics include Perceptual Reality, Powered by Purpose, and The Ultimate Customer Experience.


It takes someone with real business knowledge to conduct a meaningful and impactful educational seminar. Scott Deming has years of experience in business ownership, board positions, nonprofits, and startups. Let Scott Deming inspire your seminar attendees to make positive change.


With the right content and great delivery, an extensive training programcan change the future of an entire organization. Scott Deming has done just that, combining online trainings with in-person classroom style sessions. Programs include workbooks, role-playing exercises, case studies, and more.


An outside set of eyes and ears from someone who has been there, done that, can be the difference between success and failure. Scott Deming can be that someone through his business consulting services. Let the expertise of Scott Deming take your business to the next level.