Virtual Keynote Speaker & Trainer

When You Can’t Do Live

Nothing can take the place of in-person experiences, and that includes conferences and conventions with live keynote presentations. But sometimes getting everyone in the same big room just isn’t possible. You may have budget restrictions, meeting cancellations, or any number of logistical issues. That’s when a virtual keynote presentation is your best option.

Are all speakers alike? Nope. Being a dynamic speaker on stage doesn’t always translate into being a dynamic speaker on camera.

Scott Deming has been speaking on stage and on camera for nearly thirty years. His studio and on-camera time began many years ago when his advertising agency was creating commercials and corporate videos for clients across the country. He understands the dynamics and the differences between working the room and working the camera. And understanding those differences is what sets him apart from other speakers in the virtual keynote world.

Whether you’re sitting in the audience, your conference room or in the comfort of your living room, you’ll feel the connection and you’ll feel the energy. You’ll be inspired and impassioned to implement his innovative ideas and begin making a difference.

Every virtual keynote is live and interactive. It’s happening in real time, just as it would in person. And, you get the same thought provoking, forward thinking information virtually as you would in person.

Scott customizes every presentation to meet your industry and meeting objectives. He’ll work closely with you to make sure the presentation for your group is innovative, transformative and specific to your industry and your group.

Self Contained means Budget Friendly!

Cameras, lights, hardware and software are all part of our state-of-the-art studios. Because we are completely self-contained, we keep our costs down, which means we keep your costs down!

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t let logistics prevent you from getting your team together to witness a truly inspiring and transformational presentation. Scott has never failed to knock it out of the park when delivering his keynote and he promises to knock it out of the park, or the conference room for you as well!

Event Prep Materials

Make sure you’re ready for Scott’s upcoming program by downloading the Event Prep Materials.