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When analyzing business success, top management looks for answers in data, statistics, models, and other figures, often overlooking the most valuable asset right in front of them: employees. The success of any business lies in the hands of those at the helm of daily business decisions, and if those hands are of employees that feel little fulfillment in their role, the results can negatively affect the business as a whole. Employees require a delicate balance of business coaching and freedom, all while feeling rewarded and intrinsically motivated to bring the company more value. This may sound like a daunting task for many employers, but by taking a steady approach to the following key factors, you’ll find that focusing on your employees was the best choice you made for your business.

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Open Communication

It may be no surprise that one of the most important aspects of a business seminar is addressing communication between employees and management. When any employee comes aboard, they often believe they are applying for a specific role with specific tasks. Once they’ve integrated into the team, these responsibilities can shift and grow with time. While managers may have foreseen this taking place, an employee may not be sure what their new expectations entail. This lack of communication can lead to individuals feeling either under-appreciated or overworked. Even worse, it may make them feel as though they’re in a role they did not agree to. By establishing regular meetings between a manager and employee, these topics can be addressed and covered. Providing semi-regular updates in written form can also clear up any misinterpretation.

Recognition & Rewards

Although keeping teams working toward high standards with high expectations should be a priority, it should not exclude deserved recognition when standards are met through compliments, appreciation, or rewards. This could include bringing an employee into your office to give personal thanks, recognizing hard work in a department-wide email, or posting success on a company bulletin board. In business coaching, it’s essential to remind those in power that not all rewards are monetary; a simple thanks can go a long way.

Office Environment

The comfort of your team should be a top priority, especially if your work environment cultivates working long hours. Making sure each employee has a route to voice their preferences and needs promotes a positive office culture. Whether this means taking suggestions at company meetings or having a request submittal inbox, employees should feel as though they have a way to be heard. This may involve new office chairs for comfort, snacks in the kitchen to keep them focused, or plants around the office to boost mood. Considering monthly business seminars or conferences for professional development can also make the team feel valued. There are a variety of ways to keep your staff at the height of productivity, but it takes openness on management’s side.

If you’re looking for the tools to not only keep your team from looking elsewhere but also to truly boost their potential and unlock company-wide success, then this stream of business coaching is just what you’re looking for. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll find that the health and happiness of your entire company improves.

Scott Deming is an experienced businessman, leadership keynote speaker, and management consultant. Contact him today to discover how to motivate your employees better.