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Have you ever worked for a boss who seemed to be pushing one way but the team dynamics were constantly pulling the other? Although change in an organization starts from the top down, it doesn’t work unless the leadership is tuned in to the flow of the company. As a leadership speaker, I see it all the time: corporations are spending more money than ever on expensive seminars to build powerful team leaders, but before long it’s back to the same old routine. So what can we do to break the cycle?

I have experience in a variety of different business roles, from large corporations to non-profit startups, and I have served in numerous boardrooms. My observations led me to become a leadership speaker and to create a motivational experience that actually makes a difference. My leadership development programs will create real, lasting change.

Make It An Experience

The best way for people to learn is to use hands-on experiences to wake up our brains and create new associations. I like to combine keynote speeches to kick-start critical thinking; group sessions where real-life situations are discussed; and interactive exercises like role-playing that will get the body and mind engaged.

Emphasize Adaptability

We get so wrapped up in our daily routines and the-way-things-have-always-been that it can become a real challenge to make even minor adjustments. It’s so easy to fall behind if leadership isn’t constantly making dynamic changes. I will show you how to keep your organization’s purpose at the forefront of all of your decisions, making it easier to adapt as different situations arise.

Integrate the Whole Team

It’s not enough to send one person to hear a leadership speaker and expect the effects to trickle throughout the entire company. The most effective strategy is to bring in all levels of management, from team leaders to decision-makers. It’s important for the people at the very top of the pyramid to be able to listen to the feedback coming from people closest to the ground. A leadership program is the perfect time to teach this integrated approach.

No matter what industry you work in, your management team can benefit from a leadership speaker with business acumen and a passion for motivation. Let me give you the tools for success through my keynote speeches, training programs, or in-depth counseling services.