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This year, I resolve to make plenty of mistakes. That’s right; I’m excited to make mistakes, because every time I make a mistake, I learn something invaluable. Something that helps me grow. You see, I’ve discovered that the real path to success, both personally and professionally is having the courage to take those risks that most people just aren’t willing to take. If we don’t think, live and work outside of our familiar comfort zone, we’ll never grow. If we don’t take chances and do the things that are inherently uncomfortable, we’ll never know what the outcome and the rewards might have been.

Think of yourself as a rubber band. If you keep stretching that rubber band, it stays elastic and it grows just a bit each time you stretch it. If you leave it in your drawer, in the same position for a long time and then try to stretch it, it snaps. It gets old, dry, brittle and just unable and unwilling to stretch beyond its current position. Now, I’m not saying that routine isn’t good. Routine and regimen are not only good, they’re necessary. And, I’m not saying to live your life like a wild banshee either. We have to be cautious and calculating. What I am saying is to use your skills, disciplines, calculations, experience and wisdom and go out there and REALLY make something new and wonderful happen!
There’s a saying – “The only thing worse than death is regret.” I don’t want to get to the end of this journey and say – “If only I would have…”