Leadership and Motivational Speaker

Inspired employees, a winning and vibrant culture, ecstatic customers, a healthy bottom line, and a sustainable brand, all begin and end with great leadership. If you have a conference, convention, or leadership retreat on the horizon, look to Scott Deming for a leadership keynote or seminar guaranteed to be delivered with passion and filled with relevant, usable content. Scott’s depth and breadth of corporate experience combined with his unique, engaging speaking style make him the ideal choice for your next leadership conference.

Experience In Leadership

For over 20 years, Scott was the owner and CEO of a national advertising agency, which gave him the opportunity to work with some of the largest and most well-known Fortune 500 companies, including Carrier, Benjamin Moore, The Scott’s Company and John Deere. As a board member of several for-profit and nonprofit organizations, Scott has experience working with agencies from many different sectors. He also served as the founding member and board director of the country’s largest HVAC and plumbing contractor marketing company.

He has been part of three start-up companies, two of which went public. Since becoming a full-time speaker in 2003, Scott has conducted hundreds of leadership programs for a wide variety of clients, including serving as the keynote speaker for AT&T, Delta Airlines, General Motors, and Michelin Tires’ global leadership conferences, to name a few. Scott’s corporate and leadership experience has equipped him with the skills and acumen to deliver powerful, relevant and highly effective programs for leaders in all industries.

Leadership and Corporate Culture

Scott is an expert at explaining the inner workings of leadership and culture. Scott illustrates how great leaders are comfortable with not being the smartest people in the room, but instead, surrounding themselves with people who are better than them in significant ways and who have aligning values. A great leader encourages everyone to come up with excellent ideas and doesn’t try to take the credit for the ideas of their employees or colleagues. Scott is experienced in speaking about cultures in many different types of agencies from non-profit organizations to international conglomerates.

Tools for Success

A leadership speaker can not only help equip existing leaders in your company, but it can also help you recognize and support potential leaders in your organization. Leadership speakers boost morale, set the tone for company events and conferences, and can infuse an event with variety while building audience interest.

Book Scott as your speaker today and take your company to a new, exciting level.

Event Prep Materials

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