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Entering into a new year offers the perfect opportunity for business owners and managers to motivate their team with energized and fresh energy while in the workplace. As a business keynote speaker, I encourage my listeners to use this time to motivate their employees so they can reach new and exciting goals.

Check Leadership Style

Encouraging motivation in the workplace ties directly with the type of leadership in place at the company. When employees trust those in leadership positions, they are motivated to work hard and achieve their set goals. This trust is built on open and ongoing communication, mutual respect, setting expectations and following through, and providing prompt and constructive feedback.

Consider Rewards

Rewards programs can give workers an extra push to reach goals. Holding contests with bonus prizes can be a great way to keep employees engaged and excited about their work. The bonus rewards could be extra cash but think outside the box. Paid time off or a gift card to a restaurant, spa, or shopping center might also inspire your team.

Maintain Relevancy

A theme I regularly see as a business keynote speaker is a strong desire for recognition throughout the year. In the workplace, employees want to be recognized for the good work they do. Leaders can help workers maintain their relevancy by providing opportunities to learn and add to skill sets. Offering advanced training and ways for employees to increase their involvement within your industry is an effective way to keep people motivated.

Open Communication

Engaged leaders invite feedback and communication with employees to keep a team motivated and energized. Holding regular motivational meetings and inviting staff to share both positive and negative feedback helps a team feel heard and valued, which translates directly to better performance both individually and as a whole.

Workplace Culture

Creating an entertaining and positive workplace culture is one thing I stress as a business keynote speaker. The work environment begins with the top leaders as positive role models for everyone. Suggestions for improving workplace culture include stocking the kitchen, instituting casual dress days, planning company social events, using surveys that’ll encourage employee input, and having open-door policies for managers to encourage ongoing communication.

Use the freshness of the new year to help your employees feel revitalized as they progress in their field. My goal as a business keynote speaker is to help you find ways to support and motivate your employees positively.