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The most gratifying part of my job as a speaker and trainer is the knowledge that I’ve impacted at least one person during my time on stage. I pride myself on the fact that my presentations are personally and professionally transforming. I made two presentations to a national wholesale distributor last week in Myrtle Beach. Day One was my Emotional Branding presentation. Day Two was my Powered by Purpose presentation. My client received this email from one of his electrical division leaders, who made a tough personal decision, based on my presentation.

“Good morning Brendan,
I had a good time meeting everyone yesterday. I was especially impressed with Scott Deming. It was his presentation that has brought me to this decision. Today is the last day I would have with my son Michael for 2 to 3 months. When I told him last night I would be gone all day today I saw the heart break in his eyes. Although he said he understood, I can’t do it.
Please forgive my absence from the activities today as I am going to spend the day with him.

I hope you understand my decision.”