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Because my area of expertise is business, I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about all types of organizations, from the nonprofit to the international conglomerate. But this book is for anyone who wants to do and be better. It’s for anyone who wants to engage thoughtfully with what it means to identify one’s values and purpose, create a culture around those values and purpose, use them to guide decision-making, connect with those who share them, and generate a profitable, sustainably successful personal and professional life.
It is aimed at individual leaders—whether they’re in a position of leadership or not. You may be a manager who wants to move up, a supervisor who wants to connect with those under your responsibility, or a CEO who needs to set a new course for a company. You may want to lead a sales department, a group of tourists through a museum, or a cause you believe is more important than your own status in life. You may be a natural born leader and haven’t realized it yet. Or you may be someone who has the passion and knowledge to accomplish great things—but who never thinks in terms of leadership. Whatever your situation, you’re going to find the tools to help you lead and succeed through clearly articulated values and purpose.
This book focuses specifically on how you can identify your values, your purpose, and how you can build an organization, a team, or a cause around them. This is truly a book on how your values can lead to success.
Some chapters lean on conceptual knowledge, while others use case studies to help you develop the skills you’ll need to create a values-based culture. In all cases, however, this book aims at being accessible and engaging.