Sustainable Intrigue

Yesterday, I was in a meeting with a consulting client. As a brand consultant, we were planning an upcoming event for their customers. The marketing director began the discussion with a question. [...]

The Innovation Formula

What exactly does “innovate” mean? And, how do we go about innovating? What’s the formula? Many books and articles are devoted to innovation. There are people throughout history who seem to have [...]

Becoming a Critical Thinker

My most requested keynote presentation is Emotional Branding. During this program, I discuss the importance of using emotion to communicate and connect with those around us. I prove, through [...]

Why I Do What I Do

I recently presented a half-day workshop for leadership and top sales people from Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was asked the same question I get asked quite often. “Why did you get out of [...]

Does Your Company Have Legs?

In this morning’s Wall Street Journal, writer Ben Fritz talks about Disney’s ability to turn movie hits into “Profits Ever After.” Each movie mega hit becomes its’ own franchise, with a dedicated [...]