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Building Brand Loyalty Through Social Media: Why Brand Presence Online Matters

In “Emotional Branding,” one of the keynote presentations my clients request most often, I draw on my experience as a brand consultant to demonstrate that, rather than only touting features and benefits, messages that also engage the emotions foster greater…

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Great Leaders Encourage Others to Speak Their Minds

It takes a pretty confident person to create an organization where ideas, input, and even counter points are free-flowing amongst leaders. The more confident you are about what you believe—and this is not the same as having an enormous ego—the…

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Becoming a Critical Thinker

My most requested keynote presentation is Emotional Branding. During this program, I discuss the importance of using emotion to communicate and connect with those around us. I prove, through research and case studies, how using emotion in a business and…

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A Plug for The Brand Who Cried Wolf!

My first book, which was published by Wiley Press in 2007, has made a sudden resurgence. On top of business consulting, I’ve been requested several times over the past few months to do a book signing, not just with Powered…

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My Principles are Universal. Just Ask Australia!

I received this wonderful email Monday from a business person in Australia. People ask me if my programs have real “takeaways.” Here’s some proof in the pudding. “Hello Scott. I had a friend tell me about you and show me…

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