How to Close the Divide Between Sales and Marketing

As a sales and marketing consultant, I spend a lot of time explaining the similarities and differences between these distinct, but closely related, fields. I’m also frequently asked which department has the most positive impact on the bottom line? The...
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Overview of Common Leadership Styles

As a keynote speaker on leadership, I often get questions from employers and managers about effective leadership styles and situations that demand specific styles. The short answer is that an effective manager needs several different approaches to use in various...
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How to Choose Customer Service Channels That Really Help Your Business

The times when customers could contact a company on a single channel are long gone, paving the way to a multi-channel customer service. With a growing number of mobile users, there are even more avenues for interacting with customers. As...
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4 Effective Tips for Handling Difficult Work Conversations

Work has its fair share of challenges, problems, and conflicts that are commonly addressed in corporate business training seminars. While some are easy to solve, others can be difficult and will require a rather personalized approach. As a business owner...
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Motivating the Masses: How Employee Fulfillment Leads to Success

When analyzing business success, top management looks for answers in data, statistics, models, and other figures, often overlooking the most valuable asset right in front of them: employees. The success of any business lies in the hands of those at...
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You Can Have a Family Business Without Driving the Family Apart

A family business can create a legacy that lasts generations, but it requires a little extra planning and patience. Small business workshops can start you off on the right foot. Here are some tips to keep your family business running...
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Fix or Fire Poor Performers?

It’s always more pleasant to tell someone, “We’re happy to welcome you to our company,” than “We’re sorry, but we have decided to let you go.” Hiring and firing are vital elements of sound leadership, and each has a profound...
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CEOs Must Manage Their Own Psychology Before Managing Others

It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of personal psychology for a CEO. Running a business and managing employees can be incredibly taxing, both physically and emotionally. Because the brunt of the responsibility stops at your feet, it’s essential for you...
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Managers Should Not Shy Away From Giving Constructive Feedback

Having a frank conversation with employees about performance can be uncomfortable for many managers, but you owe it to people on your team to share constructive feedback. Given correctly, both negative and positive messages can have a positive impact on...
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Scott Deming The Major Motivations for Today's CEO

The Major Motivations for Today’s CEO

From the Board of Directors to corporate performance, from planning into the future to leadership development and more, a Chief Executive Officer is motivated by numerous forces. Among them is working closely with executives who grasp his or her priorities...
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