Keynote and Motivational Speaker


Providing the insight for personal and professional positive change.


A unique approach and process for your one-of-a-kind brand.


Connecting with you and your attendees for an invaluable experience.


Energizing and empowering you to a new way of thinking.


With over 30 years of experience in the corporate world, Scott Deming knows what it takes to be successful in all aspects of business.

Scott Deming is not only a highly respected speaker on the topics of business and leadership, but he was also a highly successful businessman. Scott has worked in corporate America for more than three decades in a wide variety of positions. He ran his own company for more than 20 years and held a number of board positions. He also has done extensive work with nonprofit and corporate startups, as well as national sales programs and marketing.




The right opening or closing keynote presenter will be the highlight of any meeting. Let one of Scott Deming’s world-renown keynotes be the talk of your next conference or convention!


It takes someone with real business knowledge to conduct a meaningful and impactful educational
seminar. Scott Deming is a business man with solid business lessons


With the right content and a great delivery, an extensive training program can change the future of an entire organization. Scott Deming has done just that – see what he can do for you.


An outside set of eyes and ears from someone who’s been there, done that can be the difference between success and failure. Looking for that someone? Give us a call.


Scott Deming is a keynote speaker highly sought after across the globe. His memorable and engaging speeches are backed up with decades of knowledge, creating a memorable learning experience for all attendees. Scott also offers seminars and breakouts with topics ranging from leadership and sales techniques to team building and customer service. For companies that want a more in-depth experience for their employees, Scott offers training courses that last a half or whole day. The training programs can also be combined with online courses when needed. Finally, Scott can provide businesses with consulting services, drawing on his extensive experience, leadership skills, and understanding of the corporate world.

Why Scott Deming Should Be Your Next Keynote Speaker

As a result of his experience, Scott can reach clients in multiple ways. When he gives a speech, teaches a class, or consults with a company, he is able to impart useful and vital business knowledge gleaned from his years in the corporate world. Unlike other speakers who provide a motivational message that is slightly altered to fit many different audiences by changing a few buzz words, Scott’s message is genuine. Attendees leave his sessions with pages of notes on new programs, plans, and strategies that can be successfully implemented in the workplace. He has worked with a diverse collection of clients including Chipotle, Hershey Foods, Merck, Frito-Lay, and MetLife.

Scott Deming is both a world-class speaker and a world-class businessman. These two qualities make for an unparalleled educational experience for anyone lucky enough to attend one of his talks. Contact him today to learn more.


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Scott Deming’s programs not only greatly improved the professional experience for our customers, our sales for the last four months are up 50% – 80%!
David Gagnon, Wireless Zone
On behalf of the entire leadership, I would like to thank you for the insightful, relevant and powerful presentation you made at our launch event. Everyone from the Chairman to the Product Engineers found your information, processes, and anecdotes to be entertaining and inspiring. You were right on the mark.
Jared Gould, Vice President, Panasonic


Scott’s new book Powered by Purpose will show you how to identify your values, declare your purpose, surround yourself with others of like mind, and then communicate that purpose to the world in a manner laced with emotion, relevance, and intrigue. Integrating conceptual knowledge with case studies and firsthand experiences. The result is an engaging work that will return you and your organization back to seeing values and purpose as the essentials to success.